PFM MCS400 Mobile Cooling System

The MCS 400 Mobile Cooling System is a perfect complement to the microtome in the histological laboratory.


It keeps the sample blocks below room temperature long enough to allow cuts to be made on the microtome, therefore alleviating the need for cooling by other means, for example, ice cubes.

The surface of the MCS 400 Mobile Cooling System can be cooled down to -20°C and will remain cold for approximately one hour to keep the sample at the correct temperature during cutting.

The cold, captured and retained by the MCS 400 Mobile Cooling System, is constantly transferred to the surface of the blocks that are placed on top of the cooling plate.

To get the MCS 400 Mobile Cooling System to the correct temperature, it needs to be cooled three to five hours in advance in the refrigerator/freezer. Afterwards, the system remains below room temperature for one hour. Exact times depend on usage and temperature of the surrounding area. It can accommodate 20 to 25 inclusion cassettes placed on the anodized surface.

Technical data:
    • Dimensions (W / D / H): 220 x 220 x 25 mm
    • Surface storage: 195 x 195 mm
    • Capacity: 20 to 25 paraffin blocks
    • Temperature: up to – 20 ° C
    • Temperature maintenance: approx. 1 hour below room temperature.
    • Weight: 1400 g