Casa Álvarez Scientific Material founded in 1912

The fundamental objective of the Management of Casa Álvarez is to study and optimally satisfy the expectations and needs of our clients in the Histopathology and Cytology sector. To achieve this, this Directorate undertakes to follow the following guidelines:


Of learning, evolution and improvement with the aim of providing the best service to our clients to guarantee the presence of our company in the market. The central pillars are: Seriousness, Experience, Service and Advice.


Communicate to all Casa Álvarez staff the importance of satisfying both customer requirements and legal and regulatory requirements.

Quality in resources

Requiring product quality assurance from suppliers and constantly seeking technological innovation in manufacturing and control means will be essential to obtain the highest quality and highest performance at the lowest cost, thus increasing the company’s competitiveness. The technical resources cannot be used in their entirety without motivated and trained personnel to correctly manage them, therefore, the appropriate conditions will be created so that each area or department manager determines the training needs of their personnel and these are attended to. .

Quality of service / product

The complete satisfaction of our customers is not only given by the quality of the product, which they already assume, but also by the quality of the services provided to them, which is why we must emphasize this concept as a key factor in the competitiveness of our company. For this reason, possible complaints from our clients related to services or functions unrelated to the quality of the product itself (delays in delivery times, commercial and administrative management, etc.) are analyzed and studied with the importance they deserve in order to Constantly improve in these fields.

Quality objectives

The quality objectives of Casa Álvarez will be established and reviewed in the periodic reviews of the Quality System by Management, which will be carried out in accordance with what is indicated in the quality manual and applicable procedures.