Casa Álvarez Scientific Material founded in 1912

Teacher. Ramón y Cajal with the microtome

Office with our preparation cabinets

Casa Álvarez, Material Científico, S. A. founded in 1912 by D. Manuel Álvarez Fernández, celebrates one hundred years of history. After his death, his four sons remained the owners of the company, of whom Mr. Vicente and Mr. Manuel went on to run it. The retirement of Mr. Vicente gave way to management by Mr. Manuel. Currently the management falls to Mr. Alberto, son of Mr. Manuel Álvarez Robledillo.

After a century in the Histopathology and Cytology sector, we take stock of the evolution of the company throughout this time.

Its beginning was based on the supply of accredited Zeiss microscopes to universities. Subsequently, requests for other products increased, and we incorporated items with the M. Álvarez brand into the sales catalog such as stoves, slide filing cabinets, manufacturing of glass items including blowing for flasks, test tubes, pipettes, etc.

The first contractually represented in 1922It was the firm Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, GmbH of Germany, later acquired by the Swiss firm Wild Heerbrugg, AG. With these two represented we significantly expanded the microscopy and microtomy market in the hospital, university, research and industry sectors.

In 1983we open the Barcelona delegation for the eastern zone.

In 1985we incorporate the represented Feather Safety Razor, Co. through its European representative Pfm medical, AG. introducing into the market the now proven Feather microtome blades, currently used in the majority.

In 1987we leave to represent the firm Wild-Leitz due to the opening of its own headquarters in Spain, and we incorporated other representations, such as Vogel GmbH, Bright Instruments, Co., Oxford trade, Inoxfune, etc., which, together with Feather and pfm medical, we are well established and with whom we have established close ties.

In 2010se creates the Granada delegation for the southern zone.

In 2011we launch newOur own brand, Casa Álvarez, of products aimed at Histopathology and Cytology.

In 2012we sign exclusive representation contract for Spain with the manufacturer Especialidades Médicas MYR for the distribution of the MYR brand for Pathological Anatomy and Cytology.

In 2014we make a restyling of our brand image, updating our logo, product packaging, etc.

In 2015we begin to work with the company Optilia dedicated to the manufacture of macro photography cameras.

In 2016we count with a new delegation in Valencia. It was also in this year, when under license from the German manufacturer Vogel, we began to carry out in Spain the in-house manufacture of carving tables, formaldehyde cabinets and all types of auxiliary stainless steel furniture, being able to carry out large projects tailored to the needs of the customers. customer needs, gaining competitiveness and shortening delivery times. Since this moment we have already sold numerous formalin tables and cabinets in Spain, having carried out and installed large manufacturing projects in some of the most relevant hospitals in Spain.

In 2017we continue growing and we opened our second branch in Andalusia, specifically in Seville.

In 2018we sign an agreement with the Austrian company West Medica to exclusively market in Spain its scanners for digitizing preparations and automatic cervical cytology image analyzer.

It is also in 2018 when we decided to take the big leap and began our International Expansion by establishing our first headquarters outside of Spain, specifically in Mexico City.

In 2019 we include in our portfolio fabric processor, cryostat and dyer+assembler from the firm Dakewe with which we have signed an exclusivity agreement in Spain. Furthermore, that same year, we also presented a great advance in laboratory automation, the new AS-410M Automatic Preparation Preparation System from the Japanese manufacturer Dainippon Seiki, which we also represent exclusively in Spain.

In 2020 we will have an Integrated Management System, since we are in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

Due to the various market situations it has faced, the company has been able to reinvent itself over the years thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of its owners and employees.

In 2021, Despite the difficulties generated by the global pandemic, we carried out the first installation of two AS-410M equipment at the San Cecilio hospital in Granada, equipment that completes the automation and digitalization of the laboratory, and allows Pathologists and Technicians to be freed from routine tasks and focus on activities of greater value and complexity.

In 2022, We signed the exclusive distribution agreement with Inpeco, a leading company in Clinical Laboratory Automation that has extended its mission to Pathological Anatomy laboratories with its FlexPath systemTMthat includes Traceability software and automates the making blocks, transporting them through the Laboratory and final storage of the paraffin blocks.

Always betting on innovation and technology has allowed us to offer a wide range of products and services, meeting the expectations of the market and those placed on us by customers at all times.

Our goal is to provide the necessary and appropriate advice to each client to be able to meet and satisfy their needs, as well as establish future business relationships.

In 2023, we acquired a new office on Calle Velázquez, in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability, technology and employee welfare, after more than 110 on Calle Mayor. The new office will allow us to continue expanding our staff and, above all, welcome our customers in the new showroom where we will share with them all the new products we incorporate. We also had three employees who had been working with us for more than 40 years retire. We thank them for a lifetime of commitment and loyalty. We also take this opportunity to welcome the people who have joined the Casa Alvarez family, and from the start, are demonstrating their talent and enthusiasm. 2023 has also been a great year for automation. Following the installation of 2 AS-410M units at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, which has enabled a 30% reduction in the Service’s diagnostic times, a step forward towards the automation of laboratories in Spain.

We have been named Distributor of the Year for the company Axlab

We have signed an agreement with SeAP, for the realization of a project that seeks the recognition of the sector.

We started the internalization stage of the company by appointing an Official Distributor in Saudi Arabia.

In 2024, publishment of the report on the Analysis of Pathological Anatomy in Spain. We have 6 AS-410M units installed in Spain.

D. Manuel Álvarez
Fernández (Founder)

D. Vicente Álvarez
D. Manuel Álvarez

D. Alberto Álvarez
Fernández (Director)