DP360 Slide Stainer + CS500 Dakewe Coverslip Mounter

High performance, fully automatic staining and assembly processes. Integrated quality control system and ready-to-use consumables. Patented ATT automatic adjustment technology that regulates the immersion time for consistent results.


The DP360 dyer maintains all the benefits of the DP260 but can be easily combined with the CS500 Mounter as a single Workstation. Patented AAT Technology: Automatically increases staining time to compensate for decreasing Hematoxylin/Eosin concentration. Improves the result and quality of staining. Quality control system: Automatic reagent change reminder. Reagent change history, automatic restoration of protocol history. All data can be exported. Allows traceability. Highly efficient robotic arm: faster, more precise and quieter. Intelligent smoke outlet ignition system: detects the concentration of gases and turns on the fan automatically when it reaches the set limit value.

10.1 inch color screen. Automatically detects and displays the amount of coverslip, tray slot and mounting fluid. High performance. The multiple arms of the robot work in coordination to increase production. Assembles up to 500 slides/hour. Quantitative and linear control of the mounting liquid. Ensures dispensing the appropriate amount. The automatic rinsing of the dispenser and self-cleaning of tubes prevents the system from blocking. Automatic coverglass breakage detection. Automatic and manual loading capability. Possibility of urgent priority loading. The output tray can be used directly to transport preparations. There is no need to transfer slides to another tray.