TEC 2900T Inclusion Center

Wide range of accessories and consumables.
TEC 2900T-1 Dispensing console.
TEC 2900-2 Criconsola.
TEC 2900-3 Thermal console.


Programming: working days and hours can be set for weekly/daily automatic on/off Lighting: adjustable anti-glare double light blue LED strip.

Vapor treatment: Activated carbon filter.
Tank capacity: (liquid paraffin): 6 Lt
Cassette trays/mold capacity: 1.8 Lt
Working temperature: From ambient temperature to 80º C
Cold point up to -10ºC, allows up to super mega cassettes
Accessories included: pedal switch for paraffin flow
Power: 220V/ 50Hz or 110v/60Hz
Maximum power consumption: 1000 V/A
Dimensions: W60xD65xH46cm
Weight: 30kg