Schott KL300 LED fiber optic cold light illuminator

The KL 300 LED light source is perfectly suitable for routine stereomicroscopes, both in terms of price and performance.


Using a high power 3 Watt LED as the lighting. The luminous flux at the end of the light guide is comparable to a 30 watt halogen lamp. All light guides and corresponding accessories from the previous 300 KL model, which operated with a halogen lamp, also fit this model. The KL 300 LED is very small and compact and can be installed on almost all stereo microscopes with special mounting devices, thus forming a unit.

All the advantages of LED light sources, no bulb change, low energy consumption, white light (daylight) are combined with the main advantages of fiber optics, significantly higher light intensity directed to a small field of light. vision and great flexibility of light and lighting techniques.