Schott KL2500 LCD fiber optic cold light illuminator

With its new design and unique performance spectrum, the KL 2500 LCD is setting a new milestone in the field of halogen cold light sources.


Equipped with a 250-watt cold light reflector lamp, the KL 2500 LCD illuminator transmits more than twice the amount of light than the KL 1500 LCDs. This unparalleled performance makes the KL 2500 LCD the instrument of choice for most applications in stereo microscopy, macroscopy and forensics.

The KL 2500 LCD illuminator is equipped with a 5-position filter wheel, making filter selection quick and easy. Color filters and special GFP fluorescent excitation filters are also available. Electronic accessories such as the remote control or tilt switch can be connected to the analog socket on the front panel, which allows remote operation of the light source or connection of an RS-232 interface.