PFM CTS-500 Cassette Trimming System

PFM CTS-500 Cassette Trimming System


After forming the block with the sample and the cassette, it is necessary to remove excess paraffin from the perimeter of the embedding cassette. Normally this is done manually using a sharp object (knife, scalpel, etc.).

The new CTS 500 Cassette Trimming system avoids the risk of cutting yourself, and simplifies this tedious process. By sliding the edge of the cassettes through the grooves of the heated surface, the excess paraffin flows directly through the specific drainage channel into the waste tray.

The waste tray can be removed and placed on the heated surface, this way the paraffin will melt, and can be reused again or discarded.

– Housing: anodized aluminum
– Safety heating system to prevent damage from overheating
– Working temperature is reached in 20 seconds, indicated by a green light (LED)

Reference: 500500