Motic Microscope SMZ-168

The SMZ-168 series of stereo microscopes feature a 6.7:1 zoom range, one of the largest in the industry, with a standard working distance of 113mm in a Greenough stereoscopic optical system. Additionally, the standard system provides a maximum magnification of 50X [with standard 10X eyepieces], and guarantees parafocability through all magnifications.


Designed for long-term use, the SMZ-168 is available in two versions, 35° and 60° observation angle to adapt to the conditions of the application environment. Helping to prevent fatigue, it has a 10x higher eyepiece system, allowing the user a more comfortable posture when wearing glasses, without the fear of scratching them. Standard eyepieces offer a 30.7mm field of view to cover more sample in less time.