Motic Microscope SMZ-140

The SMZ-140 line is the most versatile of the stereoscopic microscopes manufactured by Motic


The list of applications grows day by day incorporating this fantastic microscope into a system. The basic model is a stereoscopic zoom optical set, based on the Greenough system, with a range of 4 : 1 and a working distance of 80 mm. The Greenough optical system displays sharp stereoscopic images, while having the ruggedness to withstand severe laboratory or instrument conditions.

Take advantage of the viewing versatility of an overview image at 10X magnification, and zoom in progressively closer to close-up details at 40X magnification. The SMZ140 series combines high optical performance with a halogen incident and transmitted lighting design with intensity control.

There is a wide variety of accessories available; as additional objectives, devices for dark field or polarization, making this zoom stereomicroscope a versatile and effective instrument