Motic BA-410 Microscope

Motic has launched its new microscope, the BA410, with a renewed design and special modular stand for routine-clinical, laboratory, and educational applications, it is suitable for a wide range of applications in different areas of life sciences.


A complete redesign of the BA410 optical system ensures the best image quality in the demanding fields of cytology, pathology and histology at both educational and professional levels. New observation head options available, including trinocular with three image deviation positions (100:0/20:80/0:100) and two ergonomic heads with tilting and optionally telescopic functions.
The improved CCIS optical system not only in bright field but also in all contrast techniques such as fluorescence, dark field, polarization and phase contrast with a single condenser for both types of phase contrast objectives, positive and negative. In addition, now, the target revolver can be quintuple or sextuple.
The field of documentation has also improved through the new CCD adapters, optimizing the use of all Moticam digital cameras, whether with CMOS or CCD sensors.
The manufacturing of this microscope and its optics strictly follows the RoHS regulations for user and environmental protection, being completely lead-free in all its components.