Cryostat 6250 Dakewe


Modular control system

Microtome controlled by touch screen or crank. Automatic/manual defrosting. Automatic/manual hibernation. Programmable start in 15 minutes. UV light sterilization. Semiconductor refrigerant. Thickness/thickness regulator and number of cuts.


Cover in one piece. Anti-fog glass. Chromatic liquid crystal touch screen.

Microtome with quality cuts

Lightweight manual steering wheel with lock. Sample clamp adjustable in three axes with a central block. High-precision guide rails made in Germany, which
Retraction function available.

Freezing chamber

Extra-large chamber with wide freezing tray that can hold up to 20 sample disks. With waste tray and instrument rack.

Knife holder

Choice of wide or narrow blades. Adjustable eccentric shaft that ensures correct clamping of the blades. The blade holder can move horizontally for safety and allowing the use of the entire blade. Horizontally and vertically adjustable anti-roll plate. You can also adjust the angle and space with the pressure plate. Rod to remove the blade.