In our desire to provide a more complete service to our customers, Casa Alvarez has expanded the range of products including some related Biobank.
Now we have:
1. Vertical and horizontal Freezers Eppendorf. Security systems include reinforced by CO2 or liquid nitrogen. cryoboxes also offer racks of         different sizes and shapes, as well as ability to customize the racks as needed.
2. Laboratory Refrigerators and freezers Liebherr
3. Filing cabinets for slides or cassettes (stackable, high-capacity, etc.)
4. General facilities: baths, refrigerators, centrifuges, vortex, automatic pipettes, etc.
5. Fungible: Cryo-tubes, gloves (latex, nitrile), Eppendorf tubes, centrifuge tubes, with and without filter tips, etc.

Ask our sales department by clicking here availability of any product not found on the list or in our scheme Biobank.