Vogel UCSA-1300 Grossing Station for 1 User


Vogel UCSA-1300 Grossing Station for 1 User


The special development of the downward absorption system with Aluminum Oxide filters impregnated with Potassium Permanganate facilitates a clean atmosphere in the workplace.

The basic equipment has hour meter using filters, washing sink with water dispenser, and extensible shower hose. Illuminated. Magnetic holder for cutting tools, cutting board, and integrated into the workplace ruler. Pool for direct drainage to a tank of formaldehyde, formalin dispensing spout for electronically actuated pump. Available with spout for an optional air extraction from the room to the outside, or to the central ventilation system.

Length: 1.300mm.

Depth: 850 mm.

Height: 2.050mm.

Working Area: 600×500 mm



Front and side protection panels,

Wipe Water,

Halogen light bulbs

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Recirculating filtered air, Outside exit

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