iDC20 automated liquid-based cytology slide preparation system


iDC20 automated liquid-based cytology slide preparation system

iDC 20 is a compact device that automates all operations involved in depositing cells on a glass slide for subsequent analysis. It takes care of identifying both the specimen bottles and the slides. All the operator has to do is to load on to the iDC 20 the sample bottles and the slides, previously placed in individual holders, fit the disposable tips and press the START button. iDC 20 does all the rest, delivering dry slides that are ready to be stained.

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Advantages of iDC20:

  • High quality slide preparation, facilitating evaluation: no cell clusters, clear cell separation, no deformation
  • Large rectangular spot that is homogeneous and reproducible as a result of the fully automated slide preparation operation
  • Single-layer spot thanks to the infra-red turbidity measurement (cell concentration is automatically calculated)
  • No cross-contamination (because of the disposable tips)
  • Automation and high throughput (up to 40 slides per hour) frees up the technician’s time for other tasks
  • Both gynaecological and non-gynaecological samples can be handled
  • Total security: any operating error is detected and flagged up, bar-codes identify and match specimen bottle with slide, bar-codes are read before the sample is taken and distributed. The software meets the requirements of standard 62304.
  • Full traceability: all data is stored and accessible in a useable Excel file
  • Ergonomic design makes it extremely easy to use (tablet touch-screen): only 2 hours of training are required for users
  • It may be fitted with an optional GSM device to provide a remote and real-time consumption read-out, thus facilitating consumables stock management and also automatic stock replenishment

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