Laser Cassette Printer SUREPRINT C100


Laser Cassette Printer SUREPRINT C100

The compact body provides more free space for your desktop; the intelligent voice recognition and RGB colours identification system provide you with a brand-new numbering experience.

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Laser Cassette Printer SUREPRINT C100

New SUREPRINT C100 laser printer for histology cassettes.

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Technical characteristics
• Non-contact laser technology that enables a cassette to be printed in less than 3 seconds.
• Universal: allows printing on cassettes of different brands and models.
• No consumables.
• Automatic cassette color recognition technology.

Intelligent Laser Cassette Printer

SurePrint C100

The innovative non-contact laser marking technology of the SurePrint C100 enables high speed printing and saves time and money. Operation is simple and easy with great reliability and stability. It allows the use of universal cassettes, with clear and scratch resistant character printing, without peeling or fading after immersion in different solutions. Its high throughput capacity makes it ideal for a variety of work environments and its small footprint provides more free space in your laboratory. The scanning and interactive functions provide a better focus for the technician.

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