High efficiency vertical freezers


High efficiency vertical freezers

For Eppendorf, being green is not a trend, it is in its nature. Since 1945 they have recognized their place as a global citizen and started with the green initiative building high quality durable products. Today, they continue to set new standards with high efficiency freezers, which belong to the most energy efficient ultra-freezers in the market. Eppendorf high efficiency ultra freezers minimize operating costs and offer superior protection for your critical samples. Reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to other models. This group of ultra freezers provides all the features of the other models.

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Wide range of capacity classes: 410 L to 725 L, that is, 24,000 to 50,400 samples
Energy saving through a 130 mm thick insulation layer, consisting of traditional insulation, vacuum insulation panels and Vacupor NT ™ technology
The efficient compressor control system reduces cycle times to reduce energy consumption and increase the life of the ultra freezer
The new automatic ventilation hole in the front door of the CryoCube models improves power consumption and allows faster access to samples
Lockable main switch to prevent shutdown by accident
Location of the chart recorder for data documentation
The ergonomic handle of the CryoCube models based on Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept requires less force and provides easier access
Some models are available with an air or water cooling system for greater energy savings.


Ultra freezers are suitable for the storage and preservation of all kinds of biological samples and materials:

Components of blood
Fabrics used only in research
Preservation of chemical substances or material testing components for a prolonged period of time

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