Automatic preparation system for preparations AS-410 M


Automatic preparation system for preparations AS-410 M

The new AS-410M Automatic Preparation Manufacturing System represents a breakthrough in laboratory automation.

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The AS-410M has the following characteristics:

From paraffin-embedded tissue blocks, it automatically performs high-precision and quality histological cuts according to the pre-established requirements for each case or tissue.
The cut is then transferred to a slide where it is deposited and stretched. Subsequently the slide is stored in a drying chamber from where they can be collected. The cuts obtained are very homogeneous and of high quality.
In addition, the equipment may include roughing modules, cut quality control, slide printing and connection to the Laboratory Information System (LIS) for full traceability of the samples.
Ability to automate the cutting of up to 96 tissue blocks and 400 slides without intervention. Approximate production: 250 blocks in a 7-hour work shift with the possibility that the equipment is running 24 hours a day.

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