NOVOK: Formol Spill Response Kit


NOVOK: Formol Spill Response Kit

novokit® is an emergency response kit specifically designed to safely contain and clean up to 2.5 liters of spilled formalin. This kit is an essential item in the healthcare field, especially in departments where professionals have to handle considerable amounts of formaldehyde in their daily work.

Formal accidental spills are not only unpleasant events, but also long-term dangers to human health. This shows the importance of removing them quickly and safely.

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novokit® contains both novok®-s and novok-pow®, as well as all the cleaning materials and individual protection devices required. The kit minimizes exposure to carcinogenic vapors during spill management procedures.

Novokit® content :
• novok®-s formaldehyde neutralizer 500ml
• novok-pow® formaldehyde solidifier 400g
• nitrile gloves
• glasses with direct ventilation
• brush and dustpan
• respirator with filters for formaldehyde
• absorbent pad
• disposable hospital gown
• bag for dangerous biological material
• shoe covers
• “Caution” signal
• instruction sheet

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