Philosophy – Values

Casa Álvarez Scientific Material founded in 1912

Our permanence in the market for over 100 years has been possible by the vocation and respect to certain values and a set of principles, which are the essence of our company and define our philosophy.

  • Honesty. We build and maintain long term relationships with both our customers, and our suppliers, many of whom we have been working over 30 years with total exclusivity in the national market. This is only be sustained with honestly.
  • Reliability. We stand by our word and our commitments.
  • Experience. We have been more than 100 years in the Anatomic Pathology market.
  • Advice. We believe in a long-term relationship with our suppliers and customers, rather than in a short-term sale. We always sell advising of the most advantageous choice for our suppliers and customers.
  • Service. It is one of our competitive advantages. We are obsessed with improving our service.
  • Quality: We offer high quality products, many of which are products with high added value in the market.
  • Continued renewal. We mix experience and youth. We continually get renewed to ensure our permanence in the market and to compete.
  • Independence. We are a family business, independent, which grants us great flexibility and agility in the decision-making, allowing us to maintain and enhance the values described above.
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