Lozano Blesa Clinical Hospital, an example of good practices for its formaldehyde elimination policy

Lozano Blesa Clinical Hospital, an example of good practices for its formaldehyde elimination policy

The Lozano Blesa Clinical Hospital of Zaragoza has been recognized by  the European Awards for good practices of 2019 granted by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) in the framework of the “Healthy work:“ alert against the dangerous substances ”campaign. As a result of this award, the Hospital is the candidate that presents Spain in the European prize. They have received the visit and observation of representatives of the European Agency that verified the operation and management of formaldehyde especially in the Pathology Department.

This Hospital relied on Casa Álvarez for the complete realization of the tissue sample reception and trimming room. Acquired from our portfolio, 4 grossing stations for one user with integrated macroscopy image scanning system, 4 cabinets for storage of containers in formalin and 2 lathe type cabinets for the passage of the sample from the reception to the room remaining in it until being trimmed, stainless steel furniture and some protection equipment against formaldehyde.

The most important thing is that, our equipment is connected to the outside complying with the rules of extraction in rooms that recommend 3 zones: equipment, soil (as the formalin vapors are heavier than air) and ceiling, with a sufficient contribution of air creating a negative pressure on it. For all this we work together with Aire Limpio, a company that made this installation abroad, achieving this “0” exposure to formalin.

Finally, we also collaborate with the client, suggesting ideas and advising on the suitability of the placement of the different devices for the correct workflow and for the least possible exposure to formaldehyde.

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